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Bond Requests in Hamilton, OH

Legal Assistance During Immigration Removal Proceedings

When you have been detained by immigration officials for overstaying a visa, unlawful entrance, or criminal activity, contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible. The Department of Homeland Security may issue a bond for your release, but in many instances, this will be set at an extremely high amount or declined to be set at all. Our law firm represents your best interests during a bond request hearing. We present the facts and law to a judge in order to reconsider their original bond determination.

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What Is the Bond Requests Process?

Bonds can be issued after an immigrant is placed into detention. In immigration detention, a bond request can be made with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE may choose to grant a bond or wait until removal proceedings begin.

Unfortunately, removal proceedings can take a long period of time. You or a loved one will find yourself incarcerated during this time. A bond request can be filed with a judge, allowing an attorney to represent your case, present the positive components, and prove that you are not a flight risk or a danger to the community.

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Time is of the essence after you have been detained. As immigrants, our attorneys have first-hand knowledge of the stress you are under. We can negotiate for your release during bond hearings and reduce the impact this has on your life.

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